Kitchen Island Ideas – Photos Of Best Modern Small Kitchen Islands With Seating

Kitchen Island Ideas – The kitchen island is the ideal location to stabilize congregation and splitting up, making sure that hosts can clean up and prepare food while they mingle with their guests.

Essentially, the island must improve your cooking area’s look, energy, and workflow, not interfere with it.

Certainly, there should be adequate area around its boundary to free access, take a seat, and move conveniently. Why modify your kitchen island?

Kitchen Island Ideas – Photos Of Best Modern Small Kitchen Islands With Seating

To get precisely what you need to improve the way you and your family live on a daily basis and on exclusive celebrations.

Take a look at 10 stunning kitchen island ideas below for adding performance and design.


White Kitchen Island Ideas

kitchen island ideas White


With their naturally contrasting color, white kitchen islands can handle a range of characters: smooth and cool in a contemporary cooking area.

Or even warm and welcoming on a standard wood island topped with a chopping block.

Wherever you invest a lot of time in your cooking area with friend or family then you understands it is not just a location to work up meals, it is also an area where you make moments. That is why we totally recommend a mainly white color pattern.

Mix Marble and Metal

kitchen island ideas on a budget Mix Marble and Metal


Never ever be afraid to mix up marble with metal. Mix of marble and metal is cool and trendy in home design and bonds attraction to your area.

Marble is heat resistant, so in order to help keep a marble countertop looking its finest, pros suggest piping hot pots and pans must be put on top of a kitchen towel, hot pad, or trivet.

Extra metal accents consist of the brushed nickel cabinet knobs and stainless faucet.

You can add metal polishes in your hardware and pendant lights together with silver kitchen appliances to get a good mix of cool and warm tones.

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Add Seats

kitchen island ideas with seating Add Seats


One of the most typical factors for adding a kitchen island is to boost more seating area.

It is a dreamland for creating a laid-back seating location, no matter if it be for brunch for the kids well before school or amusing visitors at night.

Seats can fit anywhere from one to five people, depending upon the dimension of your cooking area and the design of seating you are looking for.

Consider whether you desire your style to include a solo area or offer area for many people to sit while you operate in the kitchen area.

Distressed Kitchen Island

kitchen island ideas for small kitchens Distressed


The best part of distressed wood is that it fit effectively with anything. You do not need to stress over distressing the rest of your kitchen area just to complement it.

This distressed kitchen island provides enough cabinets and drawers for all your flatware and dishware, and an open rack area complete with a basket perfect for tea towels.

You can do any extra distressing with a sanding block or mild wire brush, common locations to distress are cabinet corners and door frames.

Make an Impact with Mirrored Surfaces

small kitchen island ideas Make an Impact with Mirrored Surfaces


The harmony of reflective surface areas in the kitchen area consists of the stainless-steel panels, will make your island so remarkable!

If you can visualize holding a spoon in the palm of your hand and then looking towards it at arm’s length.

The mirror would make it possible for you to take a look at the spoon needle while sighting on a landmark.

More realistic mirror surfaces can be accomplished by rendering a consistency and used to the surface area that is mirror surface.

Colorful Character

kitchen island Colorful Character


When it relates to choosing colors and materials for your kitchen island, it’s essential to keep in mind that the kitchen island do not always need to match those found on the border of the cooking area.

Just make certain that spirit of excitement is visually enticing and not disconcerting to the eyes, by keeping the color scheme of the island complementary to the rest of the cooking area.

Selecting a different color to fuse into your kitchen area will add character and uniqueness to your area.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island Ideas

modern kitchen island ideas Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood has become one of the most popular components to use in kitchen island.

Reclaimed materials are extremely demanded in the recent market, and you can make a special appearance by creating an island with reclaimed wood.

No matter if you are a lover of the simple accent wall crafted from old wood timbers or choose something more extraordinary and elegant such as a custom-made hood or floating racks, reclaimed wood works pretty much almost everywhere.

Bring Country Charm

Bring Country Charm


Character is the key in achieving country design in the kitchen area. You can bring back some old cabinetry you have or you can make different island out of old wood boards.

The pallets are always appropriate to help to make something cool and fascinating.

You can make rustic kitchen island out of kennels. White tile counters coupled with lightly-painted wood cabinets or a freestanding kitchen island with wrought iron details will all match nicely within the country kitchen style.

Industrial Kitchen Island Décor

Industrial Kitchen Island Décor


If you are happy to try something different but you are not so brave so you can suit up a part of your house in industrial design.

This way you will make accented kitchen area which will be modern and so eye-catching.

That is the best method to apply it if you have some old unused items which can serve as kitchen island.

Add restored pieces, DIY chairs and pendants, custom-made racks, and cabinets crafted from old leftover that is collecting dust in the backyard.

Add Open Storage

kitchen island ideas pinterest Add Open Storage


Open shelving in the cooking area is a challenging proposition, and many of us usually tend to firmly keep away from it since we are just not organized enough.

Adding open shelves to the kitchen island is a totally different that solves a totally new world of expectations.

Stylish Designs for Kitchen Island

Although the conventional concept to kitchen island design has always depended on closed cabinets, drawers and a couple of kitchen appliances being hidden underneath, open shelving brings an exciting make over to the traditional island.

Many of us want a statement island at the center of our cooking area, a centerpiece for family life, where anyone can get together throughout the day to prepare food, eat, hang out and even do work.

Stunning kitchen island ideas mentioned above can help you experiment and carry out in the way that meets your best design.

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