10 Awesome DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas – Backyard fire pitis one of the most well-known outdoor design trends these days. With good reasons that they are a unique, warmth, and laid-back element to any outdoor area.

One reason for the hype may be that the fire pit is becoming an all-hours facility.

It’s not only about using fire pit outside at night. It is also using it in the early morning with a cup of coffee, or in the afternoon with a good book or your laptop.

Awesome DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living

Here are you can find 10 backyard fire pit ideas. Expectantly, they will inspire you, so you can spend the time outside your home with your family as much as possible.

Tabletop Backyard Fire Pit

Tabletop Backyard Fire Pit


Now, house owners increasingly spending time by the fire pit with coffee in hand. So it’s not surprise that some setups now contain tabletop.

No matter if you don’t want to smoke out the neighbors or you simply don’t have the large backyard, tabletop fire pit can be utilized on the backyard any time you want.

Whether it’s basic s’mores or elegant wine and dessert pairings, tabletop fire pits give home owners an area to entertain outside with the same benefits they would have indoors.

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Bowl

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Bowl


outdoor fire pit bowls


These days, designers and homeowners have a variety fire pit configurations to consider. One of the most popular designs is the fire bowl.

Commonly, build of precast concrete and available in a range of sizes. Without a doubt, fire bowls are the hippest trend now, simply because of their simple, modern design and flexibility of uses.

Actually, the fire bowls have a riser at the bottom to move up them slightly off the ground.

Additionally, fire bowls can make great statement for outdoor spaces, while smaller items work best in more intimate areas, such as private patios.

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Boulder Fire Pit

Boulder Fire Pit ideas


The conventionalpresentation of the linear fire pit contrasts with the boulder version for today’s style. Often, boulder fire pit is created of stones gathered from the rocky outcroppings.

Fueled by propane gas or firewood, a boulder fire pit creates a focalpoint in the yard for comfortable gatherings of family and friends.

If you do not have a boulder, many garden design centers sell rocks which are suited for creating the perimeter of a fire pit.

Putseats, table, and other furniture around the boulder fire pit to create a calm seating area to delight in the warmth of the fire.

Fire Pit Redux

backyard Fire Pit Redux


Fire pit redux is a best option especially if you like all the family gathering, romance sparking, hand warming, and marshmallow toasting.

Fire pit redux offers a platform for breathtakingfirelight. With handles for ease of transport and along with a removable grate for effective stoking and also cleaning.

However, firepit should not be put through to extreme temperature changes such as do not pour water into the firepit to wipe out the fire. This may cause the layer to crack.

Half Wall Fire Pit

Half Wall Fire Pit


If you are someone who is specifically safety person, then this fire pit with a half wall is a best option.

In the design, the wall and fire pit are right in one system, wrapping around existing trees.

The stone paving around the pit lowest the possibility of the fire escaping, while the wall blocks the area behind.

The best thing is that youcan put the seat to the shape of thewall design and have actually a matching fire pit to go with it.

Brick and Stone Pit

Brick and Stone backyard fire pit


The reason of stone and brick construction is to make a solid wall bordering pit that will contain the heat and flames, additionally protect the fire from winds.

Even though stone is adorable, it can be hard to work with, just because no two stones are exactly same.

Using bricks on the inside just to make sure that there won’t be any horrible surprises later on and repainting them black keeps the vintage appearance.

Best DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Washer Drum Fire Pit

Washer Drum outdoor fire pit


A fire pit makes a greatadd-on to your outdoor area, and washer drum fire pit version is recycling at its best.

Not only it will keep you warm perfectly and look great while doing so, but it’s an amazing upcycling project.

In case you don’t have an old washer, then you can get one up very cheaply at a used store or a garage sale.

All you really need is an old washing machine drum and a bit of elbow grease.

Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete Fire Pit ideas


Undoubtedly, the fad of concrete fire pit is one of fastest growing trends in backyard decor.

Concrete fire pit can be built just a single weekend and a great statement for backyard entertaining.

Create your forms, blend, and pour for an amazing square fire pit. Just ensure that you add another material between the concrete and the fire.

Brick Fire Pit

best Brick Fire Pit ideas


Enhance your yard’s outdoor style and function by adding a brick fire pit. Start with a standard temporary brick fire pit that you later transform to a permanent one.

Decide your fire pit location mindfully; keep flames at least 15 feet from surrounding structures or plants, including trees. If you so far have bricks on hand, you can complete this fire pit project in a few hours.

Tractor Tire Rim Pit


Tractor Tire Rim Pit ideas outdoor living



This is asimple and great idea of transforming the old tractor wheel in to a fire pit. It’s alow-budgetupcycle that will give you the bestspot to toast marshmallows and hang around with family and friends.

Definitely, there are so many opportunities and you are going to adore the results.

Nothing feels like a summer evening as much as toasted marshmallows. For that reason, ensure you get your s’mores injection with a fire pit.

Whatever your preferences about backyard fire pit design, you’re sure to enjoy long hours of comfortable conversation around this outdoor design that’s really heating up.

Best Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Outdoor Living

Absolutely, there are so many options for backyard fire pit ideas, and the one that’s perfect for your backyard.

And your choice should reflect your personality and purposes for enjoying the warmth of a blazing fire pit.

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