15 Awesome DIY Projects to Keep You Warm This Winter

Want to stay warm this winter? Try making some of these easy DIY projects that will keep you cozy like DIY blankets, hats, slippers or hand warmers.

1. DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

Need some fun holiday décor for your home? With just 3 supplies you can create these one of a kind – Wool Felt Ball Coasters!

2. Make an Arm Knit Blanket in Less Than an Hour

Can you knit a beautiful, soft fluffy blanket in less than an hour?

Yes! You can make this beautiful squishy blanket! It’s so easy and fun!​

3. DIY Easy Pom Pom Rug

This soft, scrumptiously squishy DIY pom pom rug takes very few skills to create and is a great way to use up a bunch of scrap yarn!

DIY Easy Pom Pom Rug

4. Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rug

These adorable little cloud rugs, which you can make yourself, are actually made of quality faux fur that feels just as warm and soft as the real thing.

Snug your chilly toes into the softest, warmest rug imaginable, but you can’t bring yourself to purchase a real fur

Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rugs

via lifeflix.blogspot.com

5. DIY Sweater Slippers

You can use your old sweater to create these cozy slippers that will keep you warm in the winter.

DIY Sweater Slippers

via www.buzzfeed.comdrawingsunderthetable.blogspot.com

6. Warm Furry Stools

Get a warm seat on a cold winter’s evening by using a faux fur.

Warm Furry Stools

via www.thekitchykitchen.com

7. DIY Hand Warmers

Make your own hand warmer packs!

IY Hand Warmers

Click here to get the full tutorial

8. Hand-Stitched Felt Fox Coffee Sleeves

Make your own super-cute felt coffee sleeves.

Hand-Stitched Felt Fox Coffee Sleeves

Click here to get the full tutorial

9. Crochet Boots with Flip Flop Soles

These DIY crochet boots with flip flops for soles make excellent slippers or UGG-like sweater boots to wear around town. 

Crochet Slipper Boots Flip Flops

10. Make a Hat from an Old Sweater

Use an old sweater to get your own pompom beanie!

How to Make a Hat from an Old Sweater

Click here to see the full tutorial

11. Make a large-Scale Rug From Scratch

Learn how to make a large-scale rug from scratch!

And it is just in time for the weather to start cooling down because this thing is as cozy as it comes… It’s like walking on clouds! Super fluffy and plush.

Make a large-Scale Rug From Scratch

Click here to get the full tutorial

12. DIY Heat Pack

DIY Heat / Ice Packs Put in microwave for a couple of minutes or leave in the freezer for an ice pack.

DIY Heat Pack

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Knit a chunky blanket from wool roving. Perfect for interior decoration – so warm and cozy!

DIY - Knit a chunky blanket from wool roving

14. Old Sweater Mittens

How to turn your old sweaters into new mittens?

Old Sweater Mittens

via featheringmynest.ca

15. DIY Infinity Scarf

Stay warm and stylish with this tutorial on how to knit an infinity scarf in 30 minutes or less!

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